If you are a guitarist that prefers to play on a typical Jaguar or a Jazzmaster, this is a guitar that you will want to try! Although this guitar isn’t a top-level instrument, it is certainly capable of being played for many years. In this article we’re focusing on demonstrating some of the best guitars for small hands. Are smaller guitars easier to play? The flamy maple top and the mahogany body add such a classic look to the guitar. I love recording music and filming guitar covers and I occasionally post them on YouTube. Every time I pick up one of these guitars, I feel like I’m playing something that costs over $1,000. The Tune-o-Matic stabilises the tuning. We don’t get as much interest in electric guitars since electrics don’t cause the same challenges for small hands. Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands: Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar Special. The locking tuners keeps it quite stable. From the beautiful finish to the pickups and tremolo bridge, it’s hard to believe that you get such a quality guitar for the price you paid! If you’re someone who has small hands, then having a guitar with excellent playability is essential. When it comes to electric guitar, two things to consider if you have smaller hands is the guitar’s scale length and neck profile. But if you’re a guitar player with small hands, learning how to use your pinky is a must. Fender is known to make smaller sized 3/4 guitar which is perfect for those with small hands or are just students starting out and naturally have smaller hands than adults. A shorter neck with a shorter scale length is a better fit for smaller hands. For someone wanting the cheapest, smaller guitar that can play well, this can be a great choice. There’s no doubt, having small hands and short fingers put you at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to playing guitar. You ought to experiment with strings until you discover a brand that you simply like. Taylor BT2 . Yamaha APXT2EW . The 1.62’’ width nut crowns the perplexing goodness of the fretboard. Normally, smaller guitars with shorter scales are considered to be easier to play as they have lesser string tension. Guitars with low action are preferable because since there is less distance between the string and fret, the strings are easier to press down since there isn’t as much travel. This is not just a great guitar for small hands but is easy on the pocket at the same time. This list has a great guitar for every style of guitarist, whether you want to strum a country song, perform classical flamenco, or channel your inner rockstar . It refers to how far the strings are placed from the fretboard. The Gibson SG is the perfect guitar for small hands. 6. 1 What Makes a Guitar Good for Small Hands? Kids or adults with smaller hands may do better with short scale guitars that have an overall smaller size. It has a solid body makeup, which is an exact replica of the famous guitar of Cobain. If you are feeling that it’s easier to play than a full-sized guitar you should go for a 3/4 size electric guitar.Most adults can play full-sized musical instruments, though, especially electric guitars since they have already got a thinner fingerboard than acoustic guitars. The G2622's construction gives a different response and resonance to other new releases from Gretsch and, with these pickups, moves further from the Gretsch sound, approaching the character of Gibson's classic ES-335 design. This is a buy once, cry once type of purchase. Longer the neck, the more difficult it is for you to reach the endnotes, a problem people with smaller hands often struggle with. The Ibanez GRGM21BKN is an electric guitar that accommodates the needs of both children and amateur players. Alternatively, if you’re playing on a guitar with a thick, chunky neck, like a Gibson Les Paul, then it’ll pretty much fill up the entire palm of your hand. Combine that with countless hours of practice, and you won’t even feel like you’re at a disadvantage. How many times have you picked out a guitar you really liked only to hold it and feel that it’s too big for your hands? Electric guitars are naturally slimmer than acoustics, but they can be heavy, which should be taken into account when buying for children. This is also a great travel guitar or smaller guitar for a professional to add to their collection as well. This guitar is unique because it’s the smallest we’ll talk about, comes with a pack of helpful accessories to get you started. It’s just a very well-made, great-sounding, great-playing guitar. With a fretboard radius of 15”, it is extremely easy for even the smallest of hands to get around. How to Choose the Best Guitar For Small Hands – A Complete Buyer’s Guide, reputable brands when it comes to acoustic guitars, Full-size guitar is great to learn and  grow with, Great tone for rock, pop, and other styles, “C”-shaped maple neck with 20-fret fingerboard, Three single-coil Stratocaster pickups with five-way switching, Vintage-style hardtail Stratocaster bridge, Maple neck with 20-fret Indian Laurel fingerboard, Single coil pickups can be noisy for rock music or loud volumes, 22″ scale Maple neck offers low tension and small size, Rosewood fingerboard with shark fin inlays, It’s rock styling might not appeal to someone wanting a more subtle guitar, Fast, slim Maple neck with New Zealand Pine fingerboard, Full-size neck and body might be too large for small children, Full-size body might be too large for small children, Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa Pattern HPL Top, Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS-A-U 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar, 6-string Acoustic Guitar with Mahogany Top, Small size is great for small hands or children, 23″ scale Stratabond modified low-oval neck, Might be too small for an adult as their main guitar, Very low price for a small, capable guitar, The ¾ body is a good balance between small and full-size guitars, The quality is not as good as the others in this list like the Taylor and Martin, Full-size guitar body might be too big children, Select Spruce wood top plus catalpa wood sides and back for good resonance, Alternative/engineered/Tech wood Fingerboard and Bridge, Fully adjustable truss rod, Chrome die-cast tuners, Perfect size for both smaller hands and larger hands alike, Some might want less color choice and a higher-quality guitar. The shorter the guitar neck, the less distance between the frets, meaning you won’t have to reach as far. Here are my favorite guitars for small hands. Is a 3/4 Size guitar Made for tiny Handed People? Check Current Price and Reviews If you’re not sure what to get, I have no doubt you’ll love this guitar! Here are some options that have slimmer necks and small-hands-friendly fretboards. The fretboard radius is 13.78 inches, that is there’s only a small curve. This guitar has a very nice tone for its small size, and the neck is very easy to play on for players of any level. Therefore, having a guitar that requires less force to press the frets down in the first place is definitely helpful. Here are my 5 picks for the best acoustic guitars for small hands: Having been a Taylor owner before, I can tell you everything Taylor makes is high quality and feel great to play. The vintage humbuckers are an added advantage giving the guitar full-on rocking sounds. It does, however, have a slightly thicker neck than the other electric guitars in our guide, so it's not one of the best guitars for small hands. C-shaped ones are the best to go with. The first is the length of the whole guitar. If the cutaway is deep, it’s just getting to be easier for your hands, especially when you’re soloing. 2 – Classic Vibe ‘50s Stratocaster Indelibly linked to its Fender identity, the Classic vibe Stratocaster gives out a clear, bright, vintage tone, that has a powerful sustain even when played with a lot of distortion and crunch. Like Ibanez, Schecter is another guitar company that produces guitars that are of very high quality, features and styling that are incredible values. When the body of a guitar is too large, it forces you to reach around awkwardly to pick or strum the strings, putting your fret hand in an even mor… If you’re a guitar player with small hands and short fingers, then you know just how hard it can be sometimes. Its Schecter USA Pasadena Plus/Pasadena humbucking pick-ups sound very good and are better than regular pickups. No, a ¾ size guitar is generally made and built for kids, but that doesn’t mean that you just can’t buy one. That said, there is probably the widest range of choices especially designed to be the best electric guitar for small hands. You will find a good mix of full-sized guitars for adults and shorter-scale guitars for kids. Guitar Advise is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. It's also a Fender and has all the wonderful features that come with that. The slim “C” shaped neck profile and short scale length make this one of the best electric guitars for small hands. Just do a quick Google search and look at the hands of Paul Gilbert, Buckethead, John Mayer, Guthri Govan, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and Wes Montgomery. Quite expensive for a first guitar. Buyer’s Guide: How to Find the Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands. Popular Related Article: Types of Acoustic Guitars Explained. Kickstarting our list of best electric guitars for smaller hands, we’ve chosen this outstanding guitar by Fender, one of the leading guitar manufacturers in the world which have been in the industry for decades, ensuring this is a guitar that’s unmatched when it comes to quality and performance. The 5 Best Guitars For Small Hands. But not all of us were gifted with Steve Vai’s long fingers that were basically designed to play guitar. This guitar would be my first choice for someone that wanted a small guitar but wanted it with a bigger sound than most guitars this size. Lucky for us, there are plenty of options that all us to compensate for our genetic inferiority :). The string action of a guitar is the distance between the string and fret. a number of the guitars made this list because they need slim necks, others because they need a brief scale length, so they’re not all an equivalent unfortunately. Personal preferences and physical factors weigh in heavily in your decision. It got two versatile single coil pickups, the classic Fender choice giving you the freedom of a wide range. Whether you’re looking for a parlor acoustic guitar that’s lightweight and easy to travel with, or just looking for a small body acoustic guitar for fingerstyle playing, you’ve come to the right place. The Cordoba C9 Crossover is a classical nylon string guitar that’s the newer hybrid version of the original C9. If that adult has smaller hands or wants a smaller guitar, there are other options in this review. The D-shape of the neck profile makes it perfect for those with small chord reach from their fingers. To wrap things up, I wanted to emphasize one final point. By Mike Duffy. Read on to learn more about the best bass guitars for small hands, as well as tips and techniques for playing bass with small hands. Best Electric Guitar for Short Fingers. Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. How to Play Guitar With Short and Fat Fingers – Correct Technique . This is the most killer looking guitar on the list. Best Electric Guitar for Short Fingers. A good quality guitar at this low price was impossible to find years ago. Maybe you want to play gorgeous fingerstyle like Tommy Emmanuel or just jam a little bit at your local backyard party like Jack Johnson. This Electromatic edition presents ridiculous value and comes in a variety of quite exquisite finishes. However, there was another untapped segment that they identified as time passed by; travel guitars. 2.1 Fender Kurt Cobain; 2.2 Epiphone Les Paul Special VE; 2.3 Daisy Rock Venus; 2.4 Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster; 2.5 Fender Mustang; 2.6 Epiphone SG Special VE Electric; 2.7 Ibanez GRGM21MWNS Mikro ¾; 2.8 Stagg S300 ¾ Taylor is considered as the best guitar for short fingers. Features 3 single-coil pickups, master volume and tone controls, rosewood fretboard, and a hardtail bridge.