‘X and Y should be considered joint first author’ or ‘X and Y should be considered joint senior author.’. Mendeley Data This journal supports Mendeley Data, enabling you to deposit any research data (including raw and processed data, video, code, software, algorithms, protocols, and methods) associated with your manuscript in a free-to-use, open access repository. 1. submission If the Colour Work Agreement is not returned by the specified date, figures will be converted to black and white for print publication. Authors do not need to provide a copy of the consent form to the publisher; however, in signing the author license to publish, authors are required to confirm that consent has been obtained. Authors may also post the. Poster session presentation at the meeting of the Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, New York, NY. Prior to submitting the article all authors should agree on the order in which their names will be listed in the manuscript. Although authors are encouraged to send the highest-quality figures possible, for peer-review purposes, a wide variety of formats, sizes, and resolutions are accepted. Images and information from individual participants will only be published where the authors have obtained the individual's free prior informed consent. AUTHOR LICENSING 7. Detailed disclosures as part of a separate Declaration of Interest form, which forms part of the journal's official records. Submit your article. Worldviews is a leading journal for evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare. Use 12-point font and one-inch margins at the top, bottom, right, and left. ; in a subsequent appendix, Eq. 1. As the official publication of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the Journal of Professional Nursing publishes manuscripts centered on baccalaureate and graduate nursing education, educational research, policy related to education, educational administration, faculty issues, and education and practice partnerships. The reference style used by the journal will be applied to the accepted article by Elsevier at the proof stage. Please note, however, that it is preferable that line figures (e.g. A. J., & Lupton, R. A. Peer review This journal operates a double anonymized review process. Here you will find everything from Frequently Asked Questions to ways to get in touch.You can also check the status of your submitted article or find out when your accepted article will be published. Offering expert help in English language editing, translation, manuscript formatting, and figure preparation, Wiley Editing Services ensures that the manuscript is ready for submission. This Journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics. Be clear and concise, using short sentences whenever possible. AJN The American Journal of Nursing accepts manuscript submissions through a submission service on another website.. AJN welcomes submissions of evidence-based clinical application papers and descriptions of best clinical practices, original research and QI reports, case studies, narratives, commentaries, and other manuscripts on a variety of clinical and professional topics. The Journal of Nursing Management welcomes papers from researchers, academics, practitioners, managers, and policy makers from a range of countries and backgrounds which examine these issues and contribute to the body of knowledge in international nursing management and leadership worldwide. Present the authors' affiliation addresses (where the actual work was done) below the names. A sample of the most common entries in reference lists appears below. Proofreading is solely your responsibility. Most formatting codes will be removed and replaced on processing the article. Use of DOI is highly encouraged. Your Paper Your Way We now differentiate between the requirements for new and revised submissions. An abstract is often presented separately from the article, so it must be able to stand alone. Readers are experienced clinicians practicing in diverse areas and involved in the care of patients undergoing procedures requiring sedation, analgesia, and anesthesia. Figures submitted in colour may be reproduced in colour online free of charge. Using citation plug-ins from these products, authors only need to select the appropriate journal template when preparing their article, after which citations and bibliographies will be automatically formatted in the journal's style. Journal of Nursing Management Author Guidelines . PUBLICATION PROCESS AFTER ACCEPTANCE 8. If the author supplies colour figures, they will be sent a Colour Work Agreement once the accepted paper moves to the production process. Authors may also post the submitted version of a manuscript to a preprint server at any time. It is important for potential interests to be declared in both places and that the information matches. The Journal of Professional Nursing does not publish manuscripts that focus on clinical or staff nurse issues. Background Describe why this concept/issue is important. When data have been shared, authors are required to include in their data availability statement a link to the repository they have used, and to cite the data they have shared. A short running title of less than 40 characters; The full names of the authors and corresponding author’s contact email address and telephone number; The author's institutional affiliations where the work was conducted (the present address of any author, if different from where the work was carried out, should be supplied in a footnote; Conflict of Interest statement (for all authors); Funding or sources of support in the form of grants, equipment, drugs etc. Note there may be a delay after corrections are received before the article appears online, as Editors also need to review proofs. If the manuscript has already been published in an online issue, any requests approved by the Editor will result in a corrigendum. Examples: Reference to a journal publication: Van der Geer, J., Hanraads, J. This Journal recommends that authors follow the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals formulated by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). The journal offers rapid speed to publication via Wiley’s Early View service. It is hosted online and appears without editing or typesetting. Use of inclusive language Inclusive language acknowledges diversity, conveys respect to all people, is sensitive to differences, and promotes equal opportunities. In addition, you can link to relevant data or entities through identifiers within the text of your manuscript, using the following format: Database: xxxx (e.g., TAIR: AT1G01020; CCDC: 734053; PDB: 1XFN). It may include tables, figures, videos, datasets, etc. New journal content (OnlineFirst/Advance Articles) can be found here. Submitted supplementary items are published exactly as they are received (Excel or PowerPoint files will appear as such online). Articles for our journal are written in informal, concise language. Abbreviations In the text, avoid the use of abbreviations; spell terms out in full. Authors are asked to include the name of the trial register and the clinical trial registration number at the end of the abstract. Citation of a reference as 'in press' implies that the item has been accepted for publication. and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. The decision will be final. Active verbs engage the reader and make t… To verify originality, your article may be checked by the originality detection service Crossref Similarity Check. MANUSCRIPT CATEGORIES AND REQUIREMENTS, Original Research Studies: These report on the progress and/or outcomes of original research into current nursing, midwifery, and allied health management practice (maximum 5,000 words, including the abstract and references). Cover letters are not mandatory; however, they may be supplied at the author’s discretion. More information is available on our website. It should be able to make sense independent of the paper. Please see our Guide for Authors for information on article submission. Authors are required to provide a data availability statement to describe the availability or the absence of shared data. For more information, visit the Mendeley Data for journals page. Authors who are unable to provide an electronic version or have other circumstances that prevent online submission must contact the managing editor (202-463-6930) prior to submission to discuss alternate options. Embed the font or save the text as 'graphics'. Be sparing with abbreviations: only abbreviations firmly established in the field may be eligible. It is important to ensure that all corrections are sent back to us in one communication. Reference to a book: Strunk, W., Jr., & White, E. B. Once the paper is typeset, the author will receive an email notification with the URL to download a PDF typeset page proof, as well as associated forms and full instructions on how to correct and return the file. And what does this add to current knowledge?Implications for Nursing Management - What are the implications for nurse managers and/or nursing management? Reference management software Most Elsevier journals have their reference template available in many of the most popular reference management software products. The reference style used by the journal will be applied to the accepted article by Elsevier at the proof stage. is an official journal of the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses. Journal of Family Nursing is owned by SAGE Publications. A structured abstract is required – see section 4, Review Articles: These summarize, analyse and evaluate published material on an important topic whilst offering new theories, syntheses or ideas (maximum 5,000 words, including the abstract and references). All submitted files should be properly labeled so that they directly relate to the video file's content. Letters to the Editor Letters to the Editor are published at the Editor's discretion. • For Word submissions only, you may still provide figures and their captions, and tables within a single file at the revision stage. Permitted third party reuse of gold open access articles is determined by the author's choice of user license. WORLDViews on Evidence-Base Nursing Guidelines for Authors. Ensure that your title is a good reflection of the work that you describe; where appropriate include the country (see Wiley's. While the Editor considers the request, publication of the manuscript will be suspended. Any additional material will be published online only. Authors should ensure that writing is free from bias, stereotypes, slang, reference to dominant culture and/or cultural assumptions. Reference to a chapter in an edited book: Mettam, G. R., & Adams, L. B. Examples of potential competing interests include employment, consultancies, stock ownership, honoraria, paid expert testimony, patent applications/registrations, and grants or other funding. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.heliyon.2018.e00205. SUBMISSION. 3 CiteScore. Cookie Settings, Terms and Conditions The Editor is responsible for the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of articles. A structured abstract is required – see section 4. This free service is available to anyone who has published and whose publication is in Scopus. Authors must disclose any interests in two places: 1. At the end of the section, clearly state the purpose of the study. Click here to find out more. Authorship All authors should have made substantial contributions to all of the following: (1) the conception and design of the study, or acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data, (2) drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content, (3) final approval of the version to be submitted. If you would like to send suggestions for artwork related to your manuscript to be considered to appear on the cover of the journal, please follow these general guidelines. The author will be asked to sign a publication license at this point. Please check the relevant section in this Guide for Authors for more details. The art of writing a scientific article. The first issue of this quarterly journal began in February 1995. Implications for Nursing Management State implications for nurse managers and/or nursing management.For review and commentary articles please follow the following structure for the main text: Provide a pre-amble to the Background. Explain the justification of the findings. Citation in text Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa). Implications for Nursing Management State implications for nurse managers and/or nursing management. A. J., & Lupton, R. A. Elsevier collaborates with a number of repositories to link articles on ScienceDirect with relevant repositories, giving readers access to underlying data that gives them a better understanding of the research described. Provide examples and practical points. Include definitions of any symbols used and define/explain all abbreviations and units of measurement. The author will have free access to the paper (after accepting the Terms & Conditions of use, they can view the article). The publication and the publisher recognize the importance of protecting the personal information collected from users in the operation of these services, and have practices in place to ensure that steps are taken to maintain the security, integrity, and privacy of the personal data collected and processed. The acceptance criteria for all papers are the quality and originality of the research and its significance to journal readership. • Supply files that are too low in resolution. • Submission declaration and verification, Ethical guidelines for journal publication, Multiple, redundant or concurrent publication, Elsevier Policy on the Use of Images or Personal Information of Patients or other Individuals, Further information on the preparation of electronic artwork, More information on how to remove field codes from different reference management software, http://open.mendeley.com/use-citation-style/journal-of-professional-nursing, check the status of your submitted article, when your accepted article will be published. Submissions will be peer-reviewed by eminent professional nurses of diverse backgrounds. Include each author's name, highest academic degree earned, and institutional affiliation on the title page as well as the mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the corresponding author. Prepare ALL manuscripts using the style and standards outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th edition. Please indicate your preference for color: in print or online only. The Letter to the Editor itself should be typed, double-spaced, like a regular manuscript. Those instructions and guidelines are readily available on the submission service site. journal of advanced nursing author guidelines . The main text file should be presented in the following order: Figures and supporting information should be supplied as separate files. Number tables consecutively in accordance with their appearance in the text and place any table notes below the table body. Superscript Arabic numerals are used for such footnotes. New information should not be included in the conclusion. See the EQUATOR Network for other study types. MANUSCRIPT CATEGORIES AND REQUIREMENTS 4. Define the central points/terms used and explain how they come together/ are associated. The Journal encourages scholarly debate and critical analysis resulting in a rich source of evidence which underpins and illuminates the practice of management, innovation and leadership in nursing and health care. Any further information, if known (DOI, author names, dates, reference to a source publication, etc. For an extra charge, paper offprints can be ordered via the offprint order form which is sent once the article is accepted for publication. Language (usage and editing services) Please write your text in good English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these). Open access Please visit our Open Access page for more information. The address at which the author actually did the work must be retained as the main, affiliation address. Also, non-standard or uncommon abbreviations should be avoided, but if essential they must be defined at their first mention in the abstract itself. All those listed as authors should qualify for authorship according to the following criteria: Contributions from anyone who does not meet the criteria for authorship should be listed, with permission from the contributor, in an Acknowledgments section (for example, to recognize contributions from people who provided technical help, collation of data, writing assistance, acquisition of funding, or a department chairperson who provided general support). AACN is excited to report that JPN recently converted to an exclusively electronic system for submitting and processing manuscripts. For submission they should be supplied as separate files but referred to in the text. Formatting Standard manuscript form, double-spaced, is requested. https://doi.org/10.17632/xwj98nb39r.1. The journal requires that clinical trials are prospectively registered in a publicly accessible database and clinical trial registration numbers should be included in all papers that report their results. This means in text citations should follow the author-date method whereby the author's last name and the year of publication for the source should appear in the text, for example, (Jones, 1998). For manuscripts reporting medical studies that involve human participants, a statement identifying the ethics committee that approved the study and confirmation that the study conforms to recognized standards is required, for example: Declaration of Helsinki; US Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects; or European Medicines Agency Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice. This journal expects data sharing. Online proof correction To ensure a fast publication process of the article, we kindly ask authors to provide us with their proof corrections within two days. Subsections should be used as much as possible when cross-referencing text: refer to the subsection by heading as opposed to simply 'the text'. If text material totaling 200 words or more is borrowed verbatim, or if illustrations or tables are borrowed, written permission must be obtained from both the publisher and the author. Privacy Policy Please use 'Highlights' in the file name and include 3 to 5 bullet points (maximum 85 characters, including spaces, per bullet point). Submit your article Please submit your article via https://ees.elsevier.com/jpn. Reports of original work, research, reviews, insightful descriptions, and policy papers focusing on baccalaureate and graduate nursing education will be published. Feel free to use these free resources to improve your submission and navigate the publication process with ease. To facilitate reproducibility and data reuse, this journal also encourages you to share your software, code, models, algorithms, protocols, methods and other useful materials related to the project. Supporting information is information that is not essential to the article, but provides greater depth and background. Publication Policy and Ethics We follow COPE’s Best Practice Guidelines for scholarly publications. Elsevier Researcher Academy Researcher Academy is a free e-learning platform designed to support early and mid-career researchers throughout their research journey. PUBLICATION PROCESS AFTER ACCEPTANCE 8. Article Promotion SupportWiley Editing Services offers professional video, design, and writing services to create shareable video abstracts, infographics, conference posters, lay summaries, and research news stories for your research – so you can help your research get the attention it deserves.Measuring the Impact of an Article. The use of several references is permissible. Guidelines for Authors. Manuscript Submission Guidelines: Journal of Research in Nursing This Journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics. Editors are not involved in decisions about papers which they have written themselves or have been written by family members or colleagues or which relate to products or services in which the editor has an interest. The author receives an email alert (if requested). Sitemap. Print copies of the article can now be ordered (instructions are sent at proofing stage or email offprint@cosprinters.com). Footnotes Footnotes should be used sparingly. NEW SUBMISSIONS Submission to this journal proceeds totally online and you will be guided stepwise through the creation and uploading of your files. Please note that your article will be reviewed again by the new journal. We recommend avoiding the use of descriptors that refer to personal attributes such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, disability or health condition unless they are relevant and valid. Tables should be self-contained and complement, not duplicate, information contained in the text. 2. For more detailed instructions please visit our video instruction pages. Additional submissions guidelines apply to the Art of Nursing, Reflections, and Viewpoint departments. ), Introduction to the electronic age (pp. Footnote symbols: †, ‡, §, ¶, should be used (in that order) and *, **, *** should be reserved for P-values. The elements of style (4th ed.). (A.1), Eq. Viewing 1 post (of 1 total) Author. Aim to avoid metaphors and abbreviations. Open Access fees: If you choose to publish using OnlineOpen you will be charged a fee. Indicate all affiliations with a lower-case superscript letter immediately after the author's name and in front of the appropriate address. Supplementary material Supplementary material such as applications, images and sound clips, can be published with your article to enhance it. Only when your paper is at the revision stage, will you be requested to put your paper in to a 'correct format' for acceptance and provide the items required for the publication of your article.To find out more, please visit the Preparation section below. Data references This journal encourages you to cite underlying or relevant datasets in your manuscript by citing them in your text and including a data reference in your Reference List. EDITORIAL POLICIES AND ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS. Manuscript Preparation Tips: Wiley has a range of resources for authors preparing manuscripts for submission available here. The Journal follows ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journals Editor) guidelines. Retrieved from http://www.powertechsystems.eu/home/tech-corner/lithium-ion-vs-lead-acid-cost-analysis/. Submit your article Guide for Authors. This can be a PDF file or a Word document, in any format or lay-out that can be used by referees to evaluate your manuscript. SUBMISSION 2. The journal follows APA style. Each subsection is given a brief heading. Authors who have video or animation files that they wish to submit with their article are strongly encouraged to include links to these within the body of the article. Please supply 'stills' with your files: you can choose any frame from the video or animation or make a separate image. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.sc.2010.00372. It could include the significance of the proposed discussion. Submission checklist You can use this list to carry out a final check of your submission before you send it to the journal for review. journal of clinical nursing author guidelines. EDITORIAL POLICIES AND ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS 6. General information regarding licensing and copyright is available here. Nursing Outlook, a bi-monthly journal, provides innovative ideas for nursing leaders through peer-reviewed articles and timely reports. Please do not: • Supply files that are optimized for screen use (e.g., GIF, BMP, PICT, WPG); the resolution is too low. Please refer to the "References" section for more information about data citation. For more information on depositing, sharing and using research data and other relevant research materials, visit the research data page. To avoid unnecessary errors you are strongly advised to use the 'spell-check' and 'grammar-check' functions of your word processor. JOGNN. In order to allow us to create links to abstracting and indexing services, such as Scopus, CrossRef and PubMed, please ensure that data provided in the references are correct. Latest issue; All issues; Articles in press; Article collections; Sign in to set up alerts; RSS; About; Publish; Submit your article Guide for authors. Journal of Scientific Communications, 163, 51–59.