Keeping chickens in your garden. Back yard chickens in the United Kingdom. details of the bird you keep (species, number, and what you keep them for) Contact If you need help completing the forms, telephone the Great Britain … Most people who keep chickens have some experience of predators – usually foxes – getting into the coop. You won’t be allowed to keep this rooster in most places! It is more likely that the law will consider a nuisance is being caused if a cockerel is crowing at unsocial hours, such as at night, early morning or late evening. Under UK law, you’re allowed to keep up to 50 chickens in a garden without registering with DEFRA (Department for … However, roosters are usually a ‘no-no’ in urban areas. Many towns and cities are slowly relaxing laws on keeping chickens due to public demand. Poultry keeping in the UK is regulated by DEFRA - the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Keeping chickens safe from predators. also, any advice in chicken keeping would be gratefully received. The big concern most neighbors voice is rodents. There aren’t many laws or rules that will stop the average person from keeping a few chickens in the garden as pets, but there are a few things to follow still. I also keep them in their pens because I don't want them digging up my mulch in the flower beds or pooping on my walkways. thanks Some tips to keep your chickens safe are: use wire mesh fencing all the way around and above the coop keeping chickens Post by chilli50 » Sat Apr 09, 2005 5:30 pm hi. Rules and regulations for animal welfare are enforced by Trading Standards in the U.K. Whilst many of these you would assume would never apply to you, there are in fact a few things to keep in mind as the interpretation of the law can vary. Regular cleaning and proper disposal of waste is a must. i live in a semi detatched house with an enclosed back garden. If you have over 50 birds, you are legally required to register with DEFRA. In the UK, you do not generally need permission unless you want to keep 50 or more chickens (in which case, you need permission from Defra – the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). ADVICE ON KEEPING COCKERELS AND CHICKENS Noise complaints from crowing cockerels are more frequent during the spring and summer months due to the longer daylight hours. Defra Foxes can climb over or dig under fences and squeeze through very small spaces. Where there is food there will be mice or rats. However, you should check your house deeds or tenancy agreement, as well as local bye-laws. Keeping chickens at a residential property does not require a licence from the Council. There are no general UK restrictions on keeping small numbers of poultry (up to 50). Gamebirds bird keeping in Great Britain: General guidance Common diseases of gamebirds birds in Great Britain Backyard poultry keeping - Regulations and guidance If you keep, or intend to keep poultry, there are rules and regulations that you must be aware of. According to DEFRA it is legal and acceptable to keep back yard chickens anywhere in the UK. However, you must ensure that by keeping chickens you are not unreasonably interfering with the use and enjoyment of neighbouring properties - this includes disturbance from noise and or odour. What are the rules of chicken keeping in the UK? DEFRA. This covers laws that cover cruelty to animals. I keep all of my chickens (I have over 150 birds) in their respective pens so that they won't wander over to my neighbors yard and damage flowers or garden beds. i would really like to keep a few chickens in my back garden and wondered if there was any laws or restrictions on this? For more ideas, check out Your Chickens’ comprehensive guide to the best UK backyard chickens, which you can find here.