Security ( Firewall,CCTV,Camera & Access Control ) :

With the number of security threats on the rise, network security has become an essential part of maintaining the privacy and integrity of an enterprise.

At CHIPS & BYTES INFOTECH our solutions help you defend your network against attacks by implementing preventative security solutions.

Our Network Designing and Implementation provides you with end to end business solution. We provide Layer Designing Network, based on our experience and knowledge that no single tool can protect every segment of a network from harm.

Our highly qualified engineers’ help you to integrate our individual security products, in order to reduce possible gaps in protection. By deploying such security technology at every layer of your network and with our best in class services, you can rest assured that you’re guarded against internal and external threats alike.

The overview of the solutions that we provide :

  • Firewall Installation.
  • IPS System UTM Boxes.
  • Virus Protection Solutions.
  • Designing of separate department wise network groups, in single network.
  • Blocking of all unauthorized access from network.
  • Restrict user to use internet connection (set individual permissions for internet use),
  • Block unwanted ftp
  • Restricted access in network work group