Today the basic need of each enterprise is too have a 100% up-time to cater there customers with flawless services. At CHIPS & BYTES INFOTECH we deliver best solutions to fulfill there requirements of clean and continuous power.

Our product consultant assists businesses to understand their power requirement needs in accordance with their facilities and provide them with best solutions.

Our top of the line UPS products guarantee high scalability to our customers. With our highly qualified engineers we provide you with planning and seamless integration of our products within your company’s IT infrastructure.

  • State of Art Technology
  • On-line Protection
  • Clean Power
  • 24 X 7 reliable support
  • Preventive maintenance service
  • In warranty Replacement without delays

In today’s scenario, the utility power available has, unfortunately, several unwanted parameters like sags, surges, voltage variation, frequency variation, brownouts, spikes, dips, blackouts, etc. However, with more and more sensitive and demanding equipment being deployed by the day, the need for clean power has become all the more essential in order to ensure its correct functioning and to afford total protection.

Welcome to Power and Cooling for the Future :

Have you been seeking a fully integrated solution provider for Critical Power and Cooling Services? The wait is over. we have already come to trust the products, people, and services behind the APC.

Best solutions from desktop to data center to factory floor :

Home, SMB & Enterprise/IT, Facilities Management, Process Control, Medical, etc. APC and MGE has a best in class solution.